Ph-d-defence Katrine Elsøe

Katrine Elsøe defends her Ph.d.-thesis: "Electrochemical Characterization for Improvement of PEM Electrolysers” Friday 10. august 2018.

Principal supervisor: Professor Mogens Mogensen, DTU Energy

Co supervisor: Associate Professor Johan Hjelm, DTU Energy

Examiners: Associate Professor Anne Hauch, DTU Energy, Professor Svein Sunde, NTNU, Norway, and Doctor Antonio Salvatore Arico, CNR-ITAE Institute, Italy

Chairperson at defense: Senior researcher Lars Nilausen Cleemann, DTU Energy

The reception will take place after the defence at the VIP-room, building 116, DTU Risø Campus.


Fri 10 Aug 18
13:00 - 16:00




DTU Risø Campus, building 112, Niels Bohr Auditorium

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