X-ray facility on 4-tonne granite block

Wednesday 09 May 18

As construction work on the new six-story high buidling, Building 310, progresses as planned, a special granite block is now being placed in the building.

Photo: Line Juul GreisenWeighing in at four tonnesand measuring four feet in lengththe granite block has travelled all the way from the USA to DTU.

It will play a key role in the building's new 3D imaging centre, where it will act as a a stable table for an X-ray facility.

The surrounding walls are approximately a metre thick to ensure that the X-ray radiation generating 750 kilo electron volts does not pass through.

The facility will be able to penetrate a large volume of materialse.g. it will be possible to make a CT scan of a car engine and other large objects.

The 3D imaging centre, which will unite 3D activities at DTU, is expected to develop into a European powerhouse. Behind the centre are DTU Energy, DTU Physics, DTU Mechanics, and DTU Compute.

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