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Historically high ranking for DTU in major image survey

Tuesday 04 Sep 18
by Søren Ravn

Favourite work places for engineers

  1. Novo Nordisk
  2. Lego
  3. Novozymes
  4. DTU
  5. Rambøll
  6. Grundfos
  7. Danfoss
  8. Vestas
  9. Oticon
  10. Cowi
DTU now has the fourth-best image among engineers in Denmark, shows a survey from Mediehuset Ingeniøren.

DTU enjoys an increasingly high reputation among engineers in Denmark, and the University has earned an impressive fourth place on the ranking list of the image of engineering workplaces which Mediehuset Ingeniøren conducts every year in collaboration with the analysis company Epinion.

The fourth place is the highest ranking ever in the 18 years of the survey’s existence, and is three places better than last year. And since the three top places went to flagships such as Novo Nordisk, LEGO, and Novozymes, it is no shame that DTU just missed the podium. Well-reputed engineering-intensive companies such as Rambøll, Grundfos, Danfoss, and Vestas are placed just after DTU.

The survey can be seen as an indication of how attractive the 111 workplaces surveyed are in the eyes of the participating engineers. The ranking is based on a number of responses, which are weighted to make it both valid and reliable to make a comparison across sectors, industries, and volume.

The participants assess their knowledge of the workplace in question and its performance during the year based on 11 different parameters.

Although the design and method of the survey has been adjusted over the years, the 18-year period shows an indisputable trend: DTU’s image has increased quite significantly from the lowest ranking ever—no. 73 in 2004—until today, where DTU has consolidated itself firmly in the top 10 and among the crown jewels of Danish industry, when it comes to exactly the engineers’ assessment of the workplace.

The survey’s 11 performance parameters

  • Competent management
  • Good professional development
  • Good corporate culture
  • Good work-life balance
  • Good at development and innovation within engineering
  • High degree of accountability to the surroundings and the environment
  • Good external communication and visibility
  • Good career opportunities for engineers
  • Influence and independence in the work
  • Attractive in terms of pay and benefits
  • Products and services of a particularly high quality

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