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Study Environment Survey 2018: "I feel great"

Monday 02 Jul 18


Martin Etchells Vigild
Senior Vice President and Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Student Affairs
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The results from the latest ‘temperature measurement’ of the study environment at DTU shows that a significant majority of the University’s students are thriving.

More than nine out of ten DTU students generally feel comfortable and thrive at the University, according to the latest study environment survey which was conducted in April 2018. Compared with the previous survey from 2015, DTU sees a rise in satisfaction in several areas of both the psychological and the physical study environment. The new survey shows that:

• 97% generally agree that the atmosphere at DTU is overall good (96% in 2015).

• 93% generally feel comfortable and are thriving (91% in 2015).

• 93% declare themselves generally satisfied with the physical surroundings at DTU (90% in 2015).

• 85% generally feel well-informed about their studies (82% in 2015).

The data basis for the study comprises responses from 4,113 out of a total of 10,535 students, giving a response rate of 39. The responses are almost evenly distributed on the BSc Eng and the MSc Eng programmes as well as the BEng programme.

Martin Vigild, Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Student Affairs, is pleased with the rise in the overall satisfaction level:

“It’s gratifying to see that our efforts to improve our physical environment by converting our auditoriums, as well as creating more places where you can immerse in your studies have helped increase satisfaction. We are not there yet, but really well on the way,” says Martin Vigild.

"Our ambition is for ALL students to thrive in their studies and enjoy being at DTU."
Dean Martin Vigild

New questions in the survey
As a novelty, the study environment survey 2018 includes questions about stress and unwanted sexual attention.

With regard to stress, the responses show that 44% of the students sometimes experience stress symptoms.

Among the answers concerning unwanted sexual attention, 84% state that they have not experienced unwanted sexual attention from fellow students, and 92% have in no way experienced this from teachers or staff. Both male and female students are among the respondents who have experienced unwanted sexual attention.

The responses concerning stress as well as unwanted sexual attention unfortunately reflect issues in society at large,” says Martin Vigild, who emphasizes that both areas are important points of attention at DTU:

“We are very aware that there are some students who do not thrive and have difficulty with stress or who have had an troublesome experience with unwanted sexual attention. Percentage-wise, the figure is small, but it does represent a problem that we take very seriously. Our ambition is for ALL students to thrive in their studies and enjoy being at DTU. It is perhaps impossible, but the DTU Study Environment Committee will now take a closer look at the nuances in students’ answers and then make an action plan which will continue the positive development of our study environment,” says Martin Vigild.

The full study environment survey is expected to be published in September.

Comments from the Study Environment Survey 2018

“I feel great”

“Nice to be in a place where we have common interests :)”

“I think that the environment is really cosy and inviting for everyone. I really like the fact that there are so many foreign students on campus.”

“My impression is that there is room for everyone at DTU. You are accepted for who you are, which is exactly the kind of place I want to be.”

“I feel that I always have someone to talk to—both professors and fellow students.”

“I just think that we all like each other, which is cool when you’re together and have a community ... :D”

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