Danish Design Award for festival start-up

Friday 01 Jun 18

DTU and Roskilde Festival

  • In 2010, Roskilde Festival and DTU entered into a formal collaboration about using the Festival as a future laboratory and create innovative engineering solutions to some of the Festival challenges.

  • The students will earn five ECTS points in the course of the project period.

  • Among other things, the collaboration has given the DTU students behind the start-ups Volt, DropBucket, Kubio, and PeeFence a platform for testing their technology before they started their enterprises.
On May 28, the annual Danish Design Award was presented in 15 categories. PeeFence which is a start-up founded by DTU students, won in the Clean Solutions category.

Visitors to the Distortion street festival in Copenhagen will become acquainted with PeeFence for the second time—a sustainable and flexible urinal, which is easy to set up and transport. That is an advantage for a festival like Distortion, where the party moves to a new district every day. This year, there will be 140 PeeFences in each district to reduce the nuisance of peeing in the streets at the festival.

A few days before Distortion opens, the entrepreneurs behind PeeFence received the coveted Danish Design Award, and although this is not the first time PeeFence has received accolades for its design, the Danish Design Award is something special, according to Theo Fischer Ginman, one of the company’s founders:

“Danish Design Award is characterized by fierce competition, and it attracts a lot of attention both in Denmark and abroad. Previous winners have scooped lots of publicity from the award, which spreads like ripples through water. We picked up a number of new leads at the award ceremony, too,” he says.

Perfect for festivals
PeeFence began as a student project in 2013 at Roskilde Festival where—working with the festival organizers—a group of students from DTU set out to solve the extensive nuisance of people urinating on the fences. The next year, there were twelve PeeFences, then 195, then 400. In 2018, there will be 650 PeeFences at the festival.

Thus, two of Denmark’s biggest festivals have embraced PeeFence, which has resulted in the company attracting a new investor. “But the company still faces the challenge of all the income from those two customers coming within a very short space of time,” Theo Fischer Ginman comments.

With that in mind, the company has started looking abroad to find out whether PeeFence would work in other countries, too.

“For example, the Netherlands has a great festival culture similar to that in Denmark, so we’ve been down there talking to the festival organizers. Some of them are going to try out PeeFence this year, to see if this solution works for them.” He adds that they have also begun to make contact with some of the major festival organizers in the UK.

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