Photo: Vibeke Hempler

President joins students at the fresher’s trips

Tuesday 28 Aug 18
DTU’s president and the dean of undergraduate studies and student affairs visit this week’s fresher’s trips to welcome the 2340 new engineering students.

In keeping with tradition, a horde of buses is waiting in front of building 101 to take eager students to the 31 locations around the country where they will bond with each other across study programmes.
But the fresher’s week is also about getting to know the President. Since 2012, he has spent a week every year driving around the country with the Dean to meet the students on their fresher’s trip. The trip covers around 1,709 kilometres, and this year he will be joined by Martin Vigild, Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Student Affairs.

“It’s important for me to meet the new students at eye level, to exchange views with them, and experience their enthusiasm. Visiting the fresher’s trips is very rewarding,” says President Anders Bjarklev.
To Anders Bjarklev, it is important to show that DTU’s management cares about the students and wants to give them a good student life. Consequently, DTU has hired a total of 256 vectors—current students who are responsible for giving the new students a good start at DTU.

Wisdom for the way
In keeping with tradition, the President gives a speech to the students to prepare them for the three to five tough years waiting for them at DTU. He talks about how important it is to show mutual respect and take your studies seriously and about what will be expected of them in their future working life as engineers.

But the most important advice is:

“Be yourself! Go to your studies with an open mind, an immersive mindset, and the will to learn.”

Most fresher’s trips span five days where groups of between 31 and 144 students spend time together in a cabin. Last weekend, two two-day fresher’s trips were also held—one of them with zero alcohol.

Photo: Vibeke Hempler

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