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DTU enter into strategic partnership agreement with Arla

Friday 01 Jun 18


Anders Overgaard Bjarklev
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Collaboration with industry

DTU has the highest number of cooperation agreements with industry among Danish universities, and offers its partners the latest technology and innovation in a university setting of learning, science, and entrepreneurship.

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DTU and Danish dairy giant Arla in partnership on research, education, and innovation.

DTU has for several years entered into business partnerships with major companies and SMEs, but strategic partnerships anchored at top level are something new. With the agreement, Arla and DTU enter a partnership with a interdisciplinary approach to Arla’s technological focus areas and opportunities.

This week, DTU’s President Anders Bjarklev the agreement with Sven Thormahlen, Senior Vice President R&D at Arla.

“Arla and DTU have strong research environments that can learn a lot from each other. Arla is one of the companies in Denmark which by virtue of its size operates at a very high scientific level . DTU is looking forward to bringing our knowledge of, among other things, food, production technology, and digitization into play, so we can help create value and perhaps even sustainable development and jobs in Denmark,” says Anders Bjarklev.

The partnership with Arla is based on a number of activities that are initiated following dialogue at top-level between management at DTU and in Arla. Management at DTU and at Arla will look at Arla’s needs in terms of research, education, and innovation. DTU’s and Arla’s researchers will then formulate specific project proposals for knowledge collaborations. In addition, DTU will organize workshops during the year and establish contact between Arla, students, and researchers. Finally, the partnership also includes a collaboration on defining research projects and writing joint fund applications.

Harry J. Barraza, Head of Open Innovation at Arla, highlights that the partnership with DTU will give Arla access to specific projects and new technology, while opening doors to DTU’s network of industry, small businesses, and start-ups.

“We greatly appreciate our cooperation with DTU and expect that the partnership will produce results in particular in the field of food security and the application of digital technologies in the field of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and big data, where DTU is excellent,” says Harry J. Barraza.

Arla and DTU have long enjoyed close cooperation in areas such as education, industrial PhD projects, and innovation projects with students at DTU Skylab. In addition, Arla is one of the main sponsors as well as the sponsor of academic tracks in smart food at DTU High Tech Summit 2018, which this year focuses on health, food, and biotech.

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