DTU a natural part of Nordic Clean Energy Week

Friday 04 May 18


From the 21st of May Copenhagen and Malmö will host the week-long energy conference Nordic Clean Energy Week. DTU will host a number of events.

Nordic Clean Energy Week is the setting for high-level events such as the Clean Energy Ministerial and Mission Innovation meetings. This means that decision-makers and key actors from governments, non-profits, international organisations and businesses will meet and discuss ways to make the necessary transition towards a fossil-free energy system.

“Denmark may be at the forefront of developing new technologies to address the grand challenges of climate change and clean energy, but we need close collaborations between researchers, business and decision-makers from all over the world if we are to succeed.  In my view, Nordic Clean Energy Week is a unique possibility to push the green and sustainable agenda forward,” says Dean of Research at DTU, Katrine Krogh Andersen.


“DTU has more than 1,000 researchers, ph.d.’s and advisors working within the field of energy science and engineering developing new technologies within wind and solar energy, storage and integration. We do so in close collaboration with the Danish energy industry, international research partners and authorities. As such DTU is a natural part of Nordic Clean Energy Week.”

DTU will host a number of events and showcases throughout Nordic Clean Energy Week. Among them is a chance for the public to see first-hand some of the future energy solutions being developed at EnergyLab Nordhavn. Nordic Energy Experience will be running all week. Find out more: https://nordicenergyexperience.com/

The program below will be updated as new info is announced. 

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