Photo: Ditte Valente

100 DTU students at Roskilde Festival

Friday 23 Jun 17

About the event

Date: 24 June to 1 July.

Where: Roskilde Festival

Admission: Open to all festival-goers

DTU and Roskilde Festival

  • In 2010, Roskilde Festival and DTU entered into a formal collaboration about using the Festival as a future laboratory and create innovative engineering solutions to some of the Festival challenges.

  • The students will earn five ECTS points in the course of the project period.

  • Among other things, the collaboration has given the DTU students behind the start-ups Volt, DropBucket, Kubio, and PeeFence a platform for testing their technology before they started their enterprises.

  • DTU's own coverage can be followed at and on FacebookInstagram, Snapchat: dtudk
For the eighth time, DTU students are collaborating with Roskilde Festival on sustainable projects.

At the end of June, 130,000 music enthusiasts will converge on Roskilde Festival. Almost everything is built up from scratch, and music fans even bring their own homes with them. This creates numerous engineering challenges—e.g. in relation to waste, electricity, and water.

One hundred DTU students working across approximately 20 projects are therefore investigating new ways of making the festival more effective, more sustainable, and entertaining for festival-goers.

This year, for example, the students will help festival-goers make their own lamps, nudge them to save water, and using games, make them aware of what alcohol does to their reaction time. Experiments will also be held on waste sorting, intelligent control of refrigerators, fluorescent algae, and optimizing festival parking conditions.

Meet the students in DTU’s TechLab, which will be open during the festival on Wednesday from 5 - 9 p.m. and Thursday to Saturday from 12 noon to 6 p.m.

Foto: Ditte Valente

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