Technologist 14, 2017

New issue of Technologist focuses on hacking, spyware and data theft

Tuesday 26 Sep 17

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DTU’s international magazine is focusing on cybercrime, which over the summer has become more relevant than ever.

The numerous hacker attacks on both businesses and states in recent months have shown just how vulnerable our modern, digitized society is. The latest issue of DTU’s international magazine Technologist takes a closer look at some of the many challenges and dilemmas which open, democratic societies face in the fight against increasing crime in cyberspace.

One of the challenges is that the Internet of things (IoT) and ever more connected computer systems make it increasingly difficult to implement security updates on IT systems. According to DTU’s expert in the area, Christian W. Probst at DTU Compute, the threats from cyber criminals mean that software should be subject to the same security requirements as those found in the aerospace industry.

Read the feature on cybersecurity at the Technologist website.

The magazine’s second large feature is about how European research must regain its world-leading position, among other things helped by the EU’s many research programmes.

As always, the new issue of Technologist contains a lot of other interesting reading material—from ultrashort tech news to in-depth articles and stunning infographics.

Read Technologist online at, where articles are regularly published along with other interesting technology news. Alternatively, order the magazine in hard copy here.

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