New issue of Technologist on start-up environment in Europe

Tuesday 18 Apr 17

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The latest issue of DTU’s international magazine puts the European start-up environment under the microscope.

In this issue, you can read what some European experts believe is needed to avoid that American giant corporations acquire successful European start-ups just when they are ready for financial success and job creation. Because it is a veritable brain drain when corporations like Apple, Google, and Facebook are ready to invest in small tech companies which European taxpayers have helped to create through innovation and entrepreneurship programmes and support. One example is DeepMind Technologies, a world leader in the field of artificial intelligence. The UK company was purchased by Google for USD 500 million in 2014.

Read the whole feature at Technologist’s website here.

The magazine’s other major feature is about sound seen from a technological perspective. Here you can, among other things, read about the audio architecture and the technology behind the acoustics in Hamburg’s new Elbphilharmonie concert hall. And be updated on the latest knowledge within hearing and how hearing aids are becoming intelligent.

As always, the new issue of Technologist contains lots of other interesting reading material; from ultrashort technical news to in-depth articles and great infographics.

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