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Monday 03 Jul 17

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…but maybe not to steal our jobs. DTU's international magazine, Technologist, examines the impact of intelligent robots in European workplaces.

There has been much talk of the fourth industrial revolution creating massive unemployment as robots equipped with artificial intelligence take over not just heavy and repetitive assembly line tasks in industry, but also millions of jobs in administrative functions, in the transport sector, and even knowledge-based functions such as the jobs of lawyers, auditors, and journalists.

Fortunately, the development also offers new possibilities for creating growth, avoiding adverse health effects, and tedious jobs—and not least—automation and digitization can mean that production jobs will remain in Europe.

In fact, it is far from certain that large numbers of industrial robots lead to high unemployment. For example, South Korea is the country in the world with the highest proportion of robots per capita GDP—and at the same time, one of the lowest rates of unemployment—according to a survey conducted by the International Federation of Robotics.

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You can read about all this in the new issue of Technologist, which also takes a closer look at what happens when engineers work alongside enter doctors and nurses in hospital wards to reinvent the healthcare sector.

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