Dr.techn. degrees

18 June 2018 Associate professor Brian Nyvang Legarth

“Non-linear Mechanics of Anisotropic Materials – failure and homogenization”

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23 March 2018 Associate professor Morten Bache:
“Cascaded Nonlinearities for Ultrafast Nonlinear Optical Science and Applications”

19 March 2018 Associate professor Steffen Foss Hansen:
"Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation, Categorisation and Tools to Evaluate Nanomaterials - Opportunities and Weaknesses (REACT NOW)”

19 January 2018

Professor Anke Hagen

"Performance and Durability of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells"

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27 October 2017

Professor Kristian Sommer Thygesen

“Electronic Excitations in Two-dimensional Materials and van der Waals Heterostructures”

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18 September 2017

Professor Ken Haste Andersen

"Fish and Fisheries – the size- and trait-based approach"

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17 March 2017

Associate Professor Anne Ladegaard Skov

"Silicone-based Dielectric Elastomers”

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8 July 2016

Senior Researcher Yunzhong Chen

“Emergent Material Science and Functionalities at Atomically-Engineered Oxide Interfaces”

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1 July 2016

Senior Researcher Peter Munk

”Larval Fish Ecology – adaptations and physical linkages”

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11 February 2016

Professor Jens Nørkær Sørensen

"General Momentum Theory for Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines"

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17 November 2015

Senior Researcher Sigrún Huld Jónasdottir

"A Journey from the Light into Darkness. Fatty Acids in the Marine Ecosystems: from

Photosynthesis to Copepod Lipids and Sequestration"

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17 November 2015

Associate professor Irina Petrushina

"Electrochemistry as a Tool for Study, Development and Promotion of Catalytic Reactions"

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26 November 2013

Associate Professor Bo Friis Nielsen

"Matrix Analytic Methods in Applied Probability with a View towards Engineering Applications”

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17 September 2013

Senior Scientist Mathias Stolpe 

"Models and Methods for Structural Topology Optimization with Discrete Design Variables“'

17 September 2013

PhD Thomas Ruhland 

"New Tools for High-Throughput Organic Synthesis”

28 September 2011

Associate Professor Jakob Søndergaard Jensen 

"Waves and Vibrations in Inhomogeneous Structures - bandgaps and optimal designs"

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8 April 2011

Senior Scientist André W. Visser

"Small, Wet and Rational: Individual Based Zooplankton Ecology"

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28 January 2011

Associate Professor Flemming J. Frandsen

"Ash Formation, Deposition and Corrosion When Utilizing Straw for Heat and Power Production"

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23 November 2010

Professor, dr.scient. Bo Brummerstedt Iversen

"Phonon-Glass Electron Crystal Materials for Thermoelectric Energy Conversion"

12 November 2010

Senior Scientist Bent F. Sørensen

"Cohesive laws for assessment of materials failure: Theory, experimental methods and application"

27 April 2010

Associated Professor Ilmar Ferriera Santos

"Mechatronics Applied To Machine Elements With Focus on Active Control of Bearing, Shaft and Blade Dynamics"

11 December 2009

Associated Professor Wen Zhong Shen

"Computational Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics for Wind Turbines"

9 November 2009

Professor Jan Sickmann Hesthaven

"Nodal Discontinuous Element Methods: Formulations, Analysis,and Applications"

15 June 2009

Associated Professor Ida Lykke Fabricius

"Chalk: composition, diagenesis and physical properties"

29 May 2009

Senior Researcher Grethe Winther

"Slip systems, dislocation boundaries and lattice rotations in deformed metals"

30 May 2008

Associated Professor Karsten Rottwitt

"Raman Amplifiers in Optical Fibers: Principles and Applications"

23 May 2008

Associated Professor Michael Pedersen

"Boundary Control of Plate-Like Models, Theory, Modelling and Applications"

24 September 2007

Senior Researcher Finn Willy Poulsen

 "Methods and Limitations in Defect Chemistry Modelling"

9 March 2007

Senior Researcher Sten Tronæs Frandsen

"Turbulence and turbulence-generated structural loading in wind turbine clusters"

12 January 2007

Associated Professor Niels Leergaard Pedersen

 "Optimal Design of Plates for Control of Static and Dynamic Characteristics"

18 September 2006

Senior Researcher Mads Hald Andersen

“Regulators of Apoptpsis: Suitable Targets for Immune Therapy of Cancer”

8 May 2006

Associated Professor Niels Asger Mortensen 

"Microstructured Optical Fibres – Theory and Simulations"

24 January 2006

Professor Michael Givskov

"Jamming the command language of bacteria: a new approach to the control of bacterial infections"

20 January 2006

Associated Professor Qinfeng Li

"High Temperature Proton Exchange Membranes for Fuel Cells"

26 January 2005

Senior Researcher Jesper Glückstad 

"The Generalised Phase Contrast Method"

5 May 2004

Senior Researcher Henning Friis Poulsen

“3DXRD - a new probe for materials science”

3 December 2003

Research Professor, Ph.d. Martin Kristensen

“Refractive Index Engineering in Silica Glass”

18 June 2003

Professor, Ph.d. Jesper Mørk

“Nonlinear and ultrafast dynamics in semiconductor lasers and optical amplifiers”

18 June 2003

Associated Professor, Ph.d. Jon Juel Thomsen

“Dynamic Effects of Nonlinearity and Fast Vibrations: Stiffening, Biasing, Smoothening, Chaos”

15 January 2003

Associated Professor, ph.d., eur.phys. Jens E.T. Andersen

“Imaging by in situ Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and its Nanotechnological Perspectives”

26 June 2002

Marc M. Van Hulle

“Faithful Representations and Topographic Maps: From Distortion- to Information-Based Self-Organization”

2 July 2001

Associated Professor Ole Sigmund

“Topology Optimization Methods with Applications in Mechanism, MEMS and Material Design”

2000 - 1991

13 December 2000

Seniorkemiker, cand.scient. Thomas Kjeldsen

“Yeast secretory expression of insulin precursors”

31 May 2000

Cand.scient. Ulrich D. Keil

“Generation, Propagation, and Detection of Ultrashort Electrical Pulses”

31 May 2000

Lektor, ph.d. Henrik Myhre Jensen

“Fracture and strain localisation in layered materials and fibre composites”

1 March 2000

Professor Erik Bruun

“Design Considerations for CMOS Current Mode Operational Amplifiers and Current Conveyors”

8 October 1999

Civilingeniør Hans F. Ravn

“Discrete Time Optimal Control”

9 June 1999

Forskningsprofessor Benny Bøhm

“Heat losses from burried district heating pipes”

4 September 1998

Lektor Henrik G. Bohr

“Neural Network Prediction of Protein Structures”

30 June 1998

Lektor Jens C. Frisvad

“Secondary metabolites and species models in Penicillium and Aspergillus”

29 April 1998

Kemiker Nan-Yu Topsøe

“Infrared Spectroscopic Investigations of Environmental  DeNOx and Hydrotreating Catalysts”

21 January 1998

Lektor, lic.techn. Oli G.B.Madsen

“Large-Scale Optimization and Vehicle Routing”

2 June 1997

Civilingeniør Dorte Juul Jensen

“Orientation Aspects of Growth During Recrystallization”

20 November 1996

Cand.mag. Ole Bostrup

“Dansk Kemi 1770 - 1807 Den kemiske Revolution”

28 May 1996

Lektor Finn Jacobsen

“Sound Fields, Sound Energy and Sound Intensity”

13 May 1996

Per Christian Hansen

“Rank-Deficient and Discrete Ill-Posed Problems”

25 March 1996

Jørgen Arendt Jensen

“Estimation of Blood Velocities Using Ultrasound: A Signal Processing Approach”

1 December 1995

Docent Anders Peter Ravn

“Design of Embedded Real-Time Computing Systems”

29 September 1995

Civilingeniør, Ph.d. Jens Nielsen

“Physiological engineering aspects of penicillium chrysogenum”

27 August 1995

Docent, cand. scient. lic. techn. Martin P.Bendsøe

“Optimization of Structural Topology, Shape, and Material”

18 August 1995

Lektor, lic.techn. Anders Bjarklev

“Rare-Earth-Doped Fibre Amplifiers for Optical Communication Systems”

24 March 1995

Docent Jørgen Juncher Jensen

“Non-linear wave load predictions for marine structures”

31 August 1994

Professor Jørgen Staunstrup

“A Formal Approach to Hardware Design”

8 September 1993

Civilingeniør Ernst Krogager

“Aspects of Polarimetric Radar Imaging”

30 June 1993

Mag.scient. Leif Kristensen

“The Cup Anemometer and other Exciting Instruments”

31 March 1993

Docent Dan Rosbjerg

“Partial Duration Series in Water Resources”

25 March 1992

Preben W. Jensen M.Sc.

“Contributions to the Synthesis of Mechanisms”

7 February 1992

Docent Rene Victor Valqui Vidal

“Engineering Optimization”

4 February 1992

Civilingeniør Ole Bøcker Pedersen

“Cyclic Plasticity of Metals”

3 September 1991

Lektor Karsten Bo Rasmussen

“Outdoor Sound Propagation near Ground Surfaces”

8 February 1991

Docent Esben Byskov

“Selected Buckling Problems”