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Fellows have a supervisor, who is a researcher at DTU. The supervisor takes on the primary responsibility of the fellow’s stay and provides guidance on scientific matters in his/hers discipline, including challenging the fellow’s academic work to inspire excellence in the research achievements, and counselling on career perspectives.

To help fellows build and strengthen their careers all fellows and supervisors are obliged to devise a personal Career Development Plan (CDP) for the fellow at the start of employment. The plan should be developed based on the fellow’s personal preferences and supervisor’s knowledge of the possibilities at DTU. Supervisor and fellow are obliged to meet twice a year to revise and further develop the plan.

Career Development Plan

Delivery month


Month 1


Month 6


Month 12


Month 18

Final report

End of fellowship

Fellows will have the opportunity to participate in courses, which will strengthen their skills in writing scientific papers and research proposals and skills in performance and rhetoric. In addition, DTU has a policy to stimulate entrepreneurship and fellows will have the opportunity to receive training in entrepreneurship and be encouraged to develop the commercial potential of their work.

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