Postdoc fellows 2014

By the time of deadline May 18th 2014 DTU had received a total of 157 eligible applications from 42 different nationalities.

20 of these candidates were granted a HC Ørsted COFUND postdoc fellowship for a duration of 24 months at DTU, please see below:  

Name: Nurdagül Anbar, Turkey

Department: DTU Compute

Project: Algebraic curves with many rational points


Name: Jürgen Frikel, Germany

Department: DTU Compute

Project: Insights and algorithms for incomplete data tomography


Name: Timur Iskhakov, Russia

Department: DTU Physics

Project: On-chip quantum sensing


Name: Rayisa Moiseyenko, Ukraine

Department: DTU Physics

Project: Particles sorting and manipulation by using surface waves and phononic crystal guided modes in microfluidic channels


Name: Chengyi Hou, China

Department: DTU Chemistry

Project: Free-standing graphene papers for solar energy storage and conversion


Name: Ling Zhang, China

Department: DTU Chemistry

Project: Electronic properties and surface facet effects of noble metal and semiconductor nanocrystals as catalysts in pure and applied bioelectrochemistry


Name: Liang Mu, China

Department: DTU Chemical Engineering

Project: Carbon neutral energy production by hydrate swapping


Name: Alicia Jiménez Fernández, Spain

Department: DTU Biosustain

Project: Gene expression associated with adaptation and evolution of bacteria colonizing human airways


Name: Daniele Stradi, Italy

Department: DTU Nanotech

Project: Computational design of graphene interfaces for nano-electronics


Name: Paul Kempen, USA

Department: DTU Nanotech

Project: Correlative electron microscopy to characterize the effectiveness of antibody targeted nanoparticles for cancer research


Name: Vida Krikstolaityte, Lithuania

Department: DTU Nanotech

Project: Development of a lab-on-a-swab sensing platform


Name: Beniamino Iandolo, Italy

Department: DTU Danchip

Project: And there will be light - photocatalysis and optical spectroscopy inside an environmental TEM


Name: Evangelos Katsanos, Greece

Department: DTU Civil Engineering

Project: An integrated platform for multi-hazard risk assessment of critical civil infrastructures


Name: Pradip Kalbar, India

Department: DTU Management Engineering

Project: Improving the assessment of urban water systems applying coupled urban metabolism and life cycle assessment studies


Name: Govindan Puthumana, India

Department: DTU Mechanical Engineering

Project: Real time electrode wear hybrid compensation strategies for micro electrical discharge milling of complex 3D features (REAL EDM-3D)


Name: Mahsa Seyyedian Choobi, Iran

Department: DTU Mechanical Engineering

Project: Analysis of complex resistance welding processes


Name: Majid Haddad Momeni, Iran

Department: DTU Systems Biology

Project: Expanding the toolbox for plant biomass modification and combating fungal pathogenic attack on major crops: Novel lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases from major plant pathogenic fungi


Name: Phuoc Long Truong, Vietnam

Department: DTU Food

Project: Development of a plasmonics-based lab-on-a-chip system for rapid detection and identification of foodborne pathogens (PLASMOLABCHIP)


Name: Subhendu Chakraborty, India

Department: DTU Aqua

Project: Trait-based models of marine secondary production


Name: Sofia Piltz, Finland

Department: DTU Aqua

Project: Models for marine ecosystems with adaptive behaviour



  This project has received Funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme and Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions grant no. 609405 (FP7) and 713683 (H2020)