Postdoc fellows 2015

By the time of deadline February 23rd 2015 DTU had received a total of 183 eligible applications from 48 different nationalities.

20 of these candidates were granted a HC Ørsted COFUND postdoc fellowship for a duration of 24 months at DTU, please see below:  

Name: Albert Granados, Spain

Department: DTU Compute

Project: Optimization of energy harvesting systems by scattering methods


Name: Albert Kilian Engstfeld, Germany

Department: DTU Physics

Project: Fundamental studies of the catalysis of electrochemical fuel production


Name: Alexey Dudnik, Kasakhstan

Department: DTU Biosustain

Project: Development of tools for precise genome engineering in lactic acid bacteria and their implementation in construction of bacterial cell factories


Name: Christoph Köhn, Germany

Department: DTU Space

Project: Modelling of hard emissions from discharges including feedback physics


Name: Christos Tserkezis, Greece

Department: DTU Fotonik

Project: Emitter-plasmon hybrid nanostructures: optical response beyond classical electrodynamics


Name: Chuang Wen, China

Department: DTU Mechanical Engineering

Project: CO2 condensation and separation from natural gas using a novel supersonic separation process


Name: Deepak Marla, India

Department: DTU Mechanical Engineering

Project: Multiphysics modeling of laser induced selective activation (LISA) for autocatalytic electroless plating


Name: Golbarg Mehraei, USA

Department: DTU Electrical Engineering

Project: Effects of auditory nerve and cochlear damage on auditory attention


Name: Ji Zhang, China

Department: DTU Mechanical Engineering

Project: Experimental analysis of heat transfer and pressure drop using zeotropic mixtures in plate heat exchangers for low-grade heat to power conversion


Name: Julia Hütter, Germany

Department: DTU Veterinary

Project: Analysis of the functional role of different intestinal DC subsets in the induction of mucosal IgA


Name: Jun Wu, China

Department: DTU Mechanical Engineering

Project: Interactive Topology Optimization for Additive Manufacturing


Name: Khuong Van Dinh, Vietnam

Department: DTU Aqua

Project: Marine pelagic secondary production under environmental stress - impacts of climate change and oil exposure


Name: Maryam Jokar, Iran

Department: DTU Food

Project: Fate and Behaviour of Nano-Structured Metal particles Released From Food Contact Materials in Gastrointestinal Tract Model


Name: Mátyás Imre Pápai, Hungary

Department: DTU Chemistry

Project: Quantum Dynamics of Photoinduced Processes in Transition-Metal-Based Functional Molecules


Name: Michal Wagner, Poland

Department: DTU Chemistry

Project: Development of quinones-enriched gold nanoparticles for energy storage and bioelectrochemistry


Name: Nicki Frank Hinsche, Germany

Department: DTU Physics

Project: Electron-phonon & electron-electron coupling in nanostructured thermoelectric materials


Name: Pieter Daniël van Denderen, Holland

Department: DTU Aqua

Project: Density-dependent regulation in marine fish and its consequences for their sustainable exploitation


Name: Platon Gkamaletsos, Greece

Department: DTU Cen

Project: Nanoscale electron microscopic investigation of strategic & hazardous elements in critical raw materials and metallurgical residues


Name: Shiyu Gan, China

Department: DTU Physics

Project: Graphene and graphene-like two-dimensional (2D) nanomaterials stabilized hierarchical Si-photocathodes for photoelectrochemical water splitting


Name: Tae Kwang Ha, South Korea

Department: DTU Biosustain

Project: Enhancement of therapeutic protein production in CHO cells: Coping with the ER stress



This project has received Funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme and Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions grant no. 609405 (FP7) and 713683 (H2020)