Postdoc fellows 2016

By the time of deadline February 23rd 2016 DTU had received a total of 210 eligible applications from 46 different nationalities.

18 of these candidates were granted a H.C. Ørsted COFUND postdoc fellowship for a duration of 24 months at DTU, please see below:  


Name: Alexis Duchesne, France

Department: DTU Physics

Project: A CorneR In A Hurricane: the facetting of a magnetically controlled rotating flow in calefaction state (ACRIAH)


Name: Ali Davoudinejad, Iran

Department: DTU Mechanical Engineering

Project: Micro 3D Additive Manufacturing and Integrated Process Chains (MICRO-AM)


Name: Davide Bacco, Italy

Department: DTU Fotonik

Project: Quick Quantum Distribution (QQuaD)


Name: Deepak Jain, India

Department: DTU Fotonik

Project: High Power Supercontinuum Sources (Hi-POSS)


Name: Diana Saturnino, Portugal

Department: DTU Space

Project: A modified virtual magnetic observatory scheme with application to Swarm satellite constellation measurements (Swarm-VO)


Name: Dmitrii Pankratov, Russia

Department: DTU Chemistry

Project: Implantable biosupercapacitors using ultra-thin and robust nanobiocomposites (BioSuperCap)


Name: Emilio Martínez Pañeda, Spain

Department: DTU Mechanical Engineering

Project: MICRO scale METAL plasticity: fundamentals and applications (MICROMETAL)


Name: Filipe Rodrigues, Portugal

Department: DTU Management Engineering

Project: Transportation in context: from explaining the past to predicting the future using information mined from the Web (TrIC)


Name: Floor Soudijn, Holland

Department: DTU Aqua

Project: Linking marine fish production to patterns in copepod dynamics (FishPod)


Name: Kristen Kaasbjerg, Denmark

Department: DTU Nanotech

Project: Quantum information processing in two-dimensional materials (QIP2D)


Name: Liguan Li, China

Department: DTU Environment

Project: Plasmid transfer in microbial communities of wastewater treatment plants: novel insights from metagenomic analysis (P-TransPlant)


Name: Marlène Vuillemin, France

Department: DTU Chemical Engineering

Project: Novel route to humanized glycoproteins by designed trans-sialidases (DESIGNGLYCO)


Name: Priyanka Singh, India

Department: DTU Biosustain

Project: Green Synthesis of Metal Nanoparticles: The Metabolic Engineering Approach (GS-NaP)


Name: Qingming Deng, China

Department: DTU Energy

Project: Computational design of novel low-cost catalysts for the oxygen reduction and hydrogen oxidation reaction (CompOx)


Name: Vinayaka Aaydha Chidambaa, India

Department: DTU Food

Project: Aptamer functionalized Integrated Lab-on-a-chip for on-site foodborne pathogen detection (APTALABCHIP)



Name: Vincent Neiger, France

Department: DTU Compute

Project: Structured polynomial linear algebra and applications to decoding algorithms (SPLADA)




Name: Wei Qiu, China

Name: Wei Qiu, China

Department: DTU Physics

Project: On-chip manipulation of nanoparticles by controlled acoustic streaming: theory and experiment (NANOPARTICLEACOUSTICS)


Name: Zhengtao Ai, China

Department: DTU Civil Engineering

Project: Dynamics and time scales of airborne transmission in indoor environments (DOSE)



This project has received Funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme and Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions grant no. 609405 (FP7) and 713683 (H2020)