Programme areas

Applications must lie within one of five programme areas. The programme area is dictated by the DTU research department hosting the fellow and the research project. When applying for a fellowship, you must indicate in the online submission form on DTU’s website the research department under which your application belongs. 

You can find a list of research departments, centers and groups at DTU on the website:

The five programme areas and corresponding DTU research departments are: 

Program area

Research department

Electrical engineering, mathematics, physics, space research and informatics

DTU Electrical Engineering

DTU Compute

DTU Physics

DTU Space

DTU Nutech

Chemistry, chemical engineering and energy

DTU Chemistry

DTU Chemical Engineering

DTU Energy

Centre for Oil and Gas - DTU

Photonics, communication, nano and health engineering

DTU Fotonik

DTU Health Technology

DTU Danchip/CEN

Entrepreneurship, construction, production, wind, buildings and transportation

DTU Civil Engineering

DTU Management Engineering

DTU Wind Energy

DTU Mechanical Engineering

DTU Environment

DTU Entreprenurship

Life sciences and biotechnology

DTU Aqua

DTU Bioengineering

DTU Biosustain

DTU Food

Centre for Diagnostics – DTU
















This project has received Funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme and Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions grant no. 713683 (H2020)