Kirsten Halsnæs from DTU Management Engineering has been appointed a member of The Danish Council of Ethics

Tuesday 25 Jun 13


Kirsten Halsnæs
DTU Management
+45 46 77 51 12

The Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education has appointed Professor Kirsten Halsnæs from DTU Management Engineering a new member of The Danish Council of Ethics.

The Danish Council of Ethics was established in 1987 to provide the Danish Parliament and other authorities with ongoing advice and information as well as creating debate about ethical issues. The council consists of 17 members who each are appointed for a period of three years.

Kirsten Halsnæs enters the council with a clear expectation of using her knowledge within the areas of environment and climate in order to establish dialogue between projects at DTU and the ethical principles that is being dealt with by the council.  She will especially contribute with her knowledge about the financial consequences of climate change and sustainable development. She says: “Through my work in the council, I see great possibilities for me to contribute to the development of DTU as a sustainable university. The development and usage of new technologies has big ethical consequences – they can help to solve local and global environmental issues as well as ensuring the entire human population’s access to health, energy, food and clean water. The research and teaching at DTU is very central in achieving this.”

Additionally, the Danish Council of Ethics has wished to collaborate with DTU regarding the development of teaching materials which is an area that Kirsten will focus on from the beginning.

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