BrainMatTrain wins film prizes at Science Film Festival in New York

Wednesday 20 Dec 17


Jenny Emnéus
DTU Bioengineering
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Janko Kajtez
PhD student
DTU Bioengineering

The film “Feats of Modest Valour” made to illustrate the work carried out in the BrainMatTrain project won the top Scientist Award at the Imagine Science Film Festival, and in addition received the runner-up prize in the People’s Choice Award.

Carl Zimmer led the jury and afterwards he said that they were particularly impressed with the skilled weaving together of science and storytelling.

“Feats of Modest Valour” investigates three individuals’ challenging physical reality of living with Parkinson’s Disease. The film features the EU funded BrainMatTrain project, which is investigating novel biomaterials-based treatments for Parkinson’s Disease that could potentially halt or even cure the devastating disease. Woven together with observation and animation, the film invites us to witness the story of groundbreaking research taking place at CÚRAM and the profound impact this will have on people with Parkinson’s Disease, both nationally and worldwide.

Link to “Feats of Modest Valour” homepage.

Link to BrainMatTrain Project