Fatima Al-Zahraa Al Atraktchi receives award from The Lundbeck Foundation

Friday 10 Nov 17


Winnie Edith Svendsen
Associate Professor
DTU Bioengineering
+45 45 25 58 85

PhD Student Fatima Al-Zahraa Al Atraktchi has received a Lundbeck Foundation Talent Prize. 

Together with four other young researchers, Fatima was awarded the prize in acknowledgement of her exceptional work.

Fatima has developed a revolutionary method for detecting bacterial infections and has also proven that, in the vast majority of cases, patients who are clinically described as being free from bacteria after treatment are actually still infected.

Fatima is affiliated to DTU Bioengineering, DTU Nanotech and DTU Biosustain. She is co-supervised by Associate Professor Winnie E. Svendsen from DTU Nanotech. At DTU Nanotech Fatima has developed the sensing method behind her research and fabricated custom-made sensors that have been applied on patient samples.

The award comes with a prize of 100,000 dkr.

Read more about the award at the Lundbeck Foundations homepage and at DTU’s homepage.