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07 JUN

Establishment and monitoring of BioCovers - DTU Environment

Come to DTU Environment and join our continuing education course on the development and monitoring of BioCovers. Topics that will be taught include: • Introduction to methane...

Bioenergy Waste management CO2 separation and CO2 storage Climate adaption
07 JUN

Etablering og monitering af biocovers - DTU Miljø

Kom til DTU Miljø og deltag i vores efteruddannelseskursus om Etablering og monitering af Biocovers. Emner, der vil blive undervist i, inkluderer: • Introduktion til metan...

Bioenergy Waste management CO2 separation and CO2 storage Climate adaption
03 MAR

New results in ChemSusChem from CSC

Associate Professor Anders Riisager, Senior Researcher Saravana Shunmugavel  and PhD Mayra Melian-Rodriguez from DTU Chemistry have just published an article on excellent...

Bioenergy Fossil fuels
11 FEB

Join us for the workshop “Manufacturing Green Fuels from Renewable Energy”

The Department of Energy Conversion and Storage at DTU hereby invites to the workshop “Manufacturing Green Fuels from Renewable Energy”.

Energy Bioenergy Fuel cells Energy production Fossil fuels Electrochemistry Energy storage
Camera-man Lasse Spang Olsen filming healer Somananda Moses Maimon healing Sannasita while senior researcher at DTU Energy Kurt Engelbrecht measures the thermal acitivities during the healing process
30 JAN

Does tantra-healing heat up the body?

Senior researchers from DTU Energy took part in an experiment with a healer and measured the thermal reaction when tantra-life energies were transferred to three test...

Energy Bioenergy
03 DEC

Innovation Fund Denmark invests 33 million DKK in DTU Energy

DTU heads nine out of the 15 research projects that will receive funding from Innovation Fund Denmark . Two of those DTU-projects will be headed by DTU Energy.

Energy Bioenergy Fuel cells Energy efficiency Energy storage Energy production
02 DEC

Aircraft fuels must be sustainable in the future

In the near future car traffic will be able to run on electricity but air traffic remains dependent on liquid fuel. The National Food Institute, Technical University of...

Environment and pollution Bioenergy Health and diseases Food production Food technology
29 APR

Environmentally sustainable fuels from waste materials from food production

Petroleum-based fuels and chemicals contribute to the production of greenhouse gases and are a limited resource. In a PhD project at the National Food Institute, Technical...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Bioenergy Biological systems Energy Climate change Food, fish and agriculture Food technology
02 APR

PhD defence on the topic of alternative fuel production

The National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, invites you to Johan Alftrén’s PhD defence on development of methods to produce alternative fuels. The defence...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Bioenergy Food production Food technology
03 MAY

Invitation to PhD Defence with Ana Faria Tomas Friday 17th May at 1 p.m.

Section: Residual Resources Engineering. Topic: "Optimization of bioethanol production from carbohydrate rich wastes by extreme thermophilic microorganisms"

Waste management CO2 separation and CO2 storage Climate change Ecosystems Bacteria and microorganisms Biological systems Bioenergy Energy efficiency