Medicine and medico technology

Medicine and medico technology

DTU researches technologies and methods which can be used to diagnose and treat diseases. Medical technology has become an area which increasingly employs sophisticated systems based on modern information technology. This research area also covers technologies and systems which support people on a day-to-day basis by providing security, safety, social networks, and mobility, for example.

Research subjects

Physiological modelling Hearing aids Hospital layout and design Artificial organs Medical equipment and systems Nanomedicine Radioactive pharmaceuticals and isotopes Health and diseases

Departments and Centres

DTU Bioinformatics

DTU Bioinformatics is operating at the highest level of research, teaching, innovation and industrial collaborations within biotechnological informatics, health informatics, personalized medicine, quantitative genomics and systems biology. We develop and apply smart bio-statistical, bio...

DTU Chemical Engineering

DTU Chemical Engineering’s main activities lie within the areas of product design, process design and production in the chemical, biotechnological, pharmaceutical, food technological and energy technological industries.

DTU Compute

DTU Compute is an internationally unique academic environment spanning the scientific disciplines mathematics, statistics, computer science, and engineering. Our interdisciplinary research areas are big data and data science, artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), smart...

DTU Electrical Engineering

At DTU Electrical Engineering we educate engineers within Electrical Engineering technologies as well as Biomedical Engineering. We offer studies at BEng, BSc, MSc and PhD levels. The department also participates in international Master programmes. We conduct research within biomedical engineering...

DTU Food

The National Food Institute researches and communicates sustainable and value-adding solutions in the areas of food and health for the benefit of society and industry.

DTU Fotonik

DTU Fotonik's research covers a broad spectrum of fields within Photonics Engineering. It ranges from basic scientific explorations into light-matter interaction, via communication technologies, lasers and sensors, to collaborations with architects and designers on LED light sources of...

DTU Management Engineering

DTU Management Engineering contributes actively to the development of management tools and optimisation of processes by using and re-thinking theoretical engineering perspectives, models and methods.

DTU Nanotech

DTU Nanotech is the Department of Micro- and Nanotechnology at the Technical University of Denmark. Within the field of micro- and nanotechnology, DTU Nanotech is committed to educating scientists and engineers, conducting research on an internationally competitive level, and transferring...

DTU Nutech

The Danish national competence center for nuclear technologies. The aim is to develop and utilize knowledge concerning radioactivity and ionizing radiation for the benefit of society. 


DTU Vet conducts research in infectious animal diseases. We are interested in finding out more about the pathogenesis, spreading and symptoms of the diseases and eventually develop new vaccines against them. Also, we educate engineers and veterinary students in Pharmaceutical Design and...