Engineering Systems Design - International Research Seminar

The Engineering System Division of DTU's Management Engineering Department is inviting to an International Research Seminar on Engineering Systems Design.

Speakers and topics are:

  • Filippo Salustri (Ryerson University): “Three Monsters in design research: defining, formalizing, and visualizing - an overview of 3 very difficult problems that still task us" Despite tremendous headway in developing a robust science of design, some aspects of “designing” remain beyond our grasp, especially insofar as those aspects overlap significantly with non-engineering design disciplines. This talk will review some of Fil Salustri’s efforts to clarify three of these aspects.
  • Michael Kokkolaras (McGill): “Rigorous practical optimization for simulation-based engineering design” Computational models have accelerated the engineering design optimization process. Simulation-related challenges have been mostly addressed by heuristics-based methods. This talk presents alternatives that are supported by convergence properties.
  • Georges Fadel (Clemson University): “Evolving Designs using Affordances” The talk focusses on the adaptation of the theory of “affordances” from the field of perceptual psychology to better capture the perceived positive and negative interactions between the user and the artifact and use optimization to evolve designs.

Please see the attached flyer for further details.


Thu 12 Jan 17
9:00 - 12:00


DTU Management Engineering


Building 101, S09 (Meeting Center)

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