Water DTU 3rd Partner Seminar

May 23rd: Water in an international context

Are we getting the best out of international synergies covering research, development and innovation? In this year’s seminar we will focus on strengthening of synergies in an international context through Water DTU departments and partners. 
The 23rd will be a half day with presentations on the topic and a panel discussion.

May 24th: Workshops  

Choose between workshops in 4 parallel tracks – discuss  collaboration possibilities. If we work together we benefit from it – and even more internationally. Again this year the workshops have different topics connected to water research.

Read more about the seminar at water.dtu.dk


tir 23 maj 17 12:30 -
ons 24 maj 17 16:00


DTU Miljø
DTU Aqua
DTU Compute
DTU Energi
DTU Fotonik
DTU Fødevareinstituttet
DTU Kemiteknik
DTU Management Engineering
DTU Nanotech
DTU Space
DTU Veterinærinstituttet



Glassalen, Building 101, DTU Lyngby

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