Ju-Hyuck Choi "Efficient Estimation of Extreme Roll Motion of Ships"

This work has been focused on calculation and prediction of the rolling motions of a ship sailing in waves. The rolling motions of a ship may compromise safety of crew and cargo if the roll angle becomes large. Large rolling angles of a ship may occur in different conditions, often associated with a severe sea. However, large roll angles can also occur in cases not necessarily expected to be critical for the overall safety of the ship; one phenomenon is characterised as ‘parametric roll’ which can occur in conditions where the ship encounters waves head on. The Ph.d. work has applied and developed numerical models for detailed and accurate calculations of the rolling motions of a ship sailing in waves or being in a ‘dead ship condition’ without  propulsion because of power loss. Specifically, the work has explored calculation procedures to efficiently estimate the probability associated with the exceedance of roll angles above given threshold values. This kind of information is valuable both in the design and operation of ships. In particular, the calculation procedures can be used together with on-board decision support systems with the purpose to guide the ship master in the effort to avoid large roll angles compromising safety. During the study, results of the Ph.d. work have been presented and published at high-level, international conferences and in peer-reviewed journals; with one publication receiving the Honorable Mention by the ‘Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers’ (SNAME) for the 2018 Vice Admiral E. L. Cochrane Award for the paper “Intact Stability Analysis of Dead Ship Conditions using FORM”, published in the Journal of Ship Research in September 2017.   


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