Six Novo Nordisk Foundation PhD positions in Fermentation based Biomanufaturing

DTU Bioengineering
torsdag 28 jun 18

Six Novo Nordisk Foundation PhD positions in Fermentation based Biomanufaturing

The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) invites applications for six PhD positions in fermentation based biomanufacturing. The positions are part of a large initiative granted by the Novo Nordisk Foundation with the aim of establishing a Research Based World-Class Joint Education Program in Fermentation Based Biomanufactur-ing, which aims to integrate cell factory engineering with bioreactor engineering. The educational programme will be based on cutting edge research covering all aspects from fundamental physiology of production organisms/cell factories, synthetic biology and metabolic engineering to scale-up process technology, including downstream pro-cessing. These areas will be closely integrated in the programme and the programme will be developed in close dialogue with relevant industry partners.

The initiative is a collaboration between three departments at DTU, DTU Chemical En-gineering, DTU Bioengineering and the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosus-tainability. Each position will be hosted by one of the departments, but in general the positions will be a collaboration between at least two departments. Furthermore, most of the positions also involves collaboration with industry.

The 6 fully funded 3-year PhD positions are in the following projects:

a) Scalable cell factories in membrane-based bioreactors
The project seeks to exploit the biofilm mode of growth as a feasible solution to micro-bial manufacturing or bioconversion of (bio)chemicals, which otherwise are difficult to produce.

b) Metabolic engineering of yeast cell factories for blood substitutes generation by microbial fermentation
The purpose of the project is the generation of yeast cell factories for the efficient and cost effective production of recombinant human hemoglobin molecules, that can serve as stable and reliable source for further development of HBOCs (hemoglobin based oxygen carriers).

c) Metabolic engineering and bioprocess engineering
The main focus of this project will be to apply state-of-the-art metabolic engineering and synthetic biology methodologies for the production of biochemicals and proteins using both gram positive and gram negative production organisms, including for ex-ample E. coli and B. subtilis.

d) Development of an innovative bioprocess for protease production in Bacillus subtilis by integrating cell factory optimization and bioreactor engineering
This project aims to develop a new process for protease production using biomass hydrolysate as fermentation medium and a robust strain of Bacillus subtilis. The work plan will comprehend interdisciplinary activities in aspects including high throughput screening, laboratory evolution, metabolic engineering, biomass pretreatment, fermentation and bioreactor engineering.

e) Electrochemical metabolite sensors
This project has the ambition to make significant progress in our ability to monitor stress responses in-situ in large bioreactors.

f) Process design, optimization and supply chain analysis for biotechnological production of xylitol
The project aims to contribute to the development of sustainable value chains (supply chains) and economic assessment for xylitol based biomanufacturing technology.

To apply, please click on project title and apply on DTU’s website.

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