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16 JUL

Q&A - Do gut bacteria cause obesity?

Research into gut bacteria has exploded over the past ten years. Scientists are investigating the role these bacteria play for our health, including how they affect our...

Bakterier og mikroorganismer Sundhed og sygdomme
25 JUN

Microscopic laser attracting attention

A tiny new laser is revealing surprising unforeseen properties.

Lasere Mikro- og nanoteknologi Dataanalyse
21 JUN

Recipe for deep ocean oil pipelines

The laboratories of National Oilwell Varco subject steel and advanced plastics to mistreatment to ensure that the finished pipes are up to the task of transporting oil...

Energiproduktion Energieffektivisering Fossile brændsler Polymerer
14 JUN

Smart golf balls for bioindustry

A free-flowing sensor monitors the processes in large production tanks. The sensor has been developed by Freesense , a small start-up company

Innovation og produktudvikling Teknisk kemi Biologiske systemer Sensorer
06 JUN

A picture says more than a thousand words

Imaging is all about creating images. Already widely used in, e.g., medical diagnostics and drug development, imaging is destined to become a core technology in Industry...

Matematisk analyse Billedanalyse
06 JUN

Researchers create images with mathematics

Researchers in the field of image analysis have managed to create images of glass objects with photographic precision—without actually photographing them .

Billedanalyse Innovation og produktudvikling Computerberegning
06 JUN

Magnetic contrast agent behind clear MRI images

The Danish National Research Foundation Center for Hyperpolarization in Magnetic Resonance, HYPERMAG, at DTU  conducts research into technologies that can reveal...

Mikro- og nanoteknologi Magneter Sundhed og sygdomme Medicinske apparater og systemer
06 JUN

‘Seeing is believing’

Electron microscope images provide understanding and evidence of a world we cannot see with the naked eye.

Mikro- og nanoteknologi Bakterier og mikroorganismer
06 JUN

Laser technology provides detailed images of skin cancer

Bispebjerg Hospital in Copenhagen is working with DTU to improve a laser-based technology for skin cancer imaging.

01 JUN

Automatisk designsystem sparer millioner

For tre år siden skulle Haldor Topsøe bruge en uge til at designe tilpassede løsninger til virksomhedens kunder. Nu kan det gøres på ti minutter takket være Sara Shafiee...

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