Here and there at the same time

Here and There at the Same Time?

Can you be at home and at school at the same time? And if you can, what or who will decide where you will finally be? Want to try?

Now you can! Not with humans yet, but with very very small (quantum) objects.

In our lab you will be exploring one of the most intriguing phenomenon in physics – quantum entanglement. This is when two objects can be at different places at the same time (for instance, you are now at home and also at school). Or, even when something, let’s say a cat, can be dead and alive at the same time. Such experiments do not work (yet!) with big objects (like humans, cats, chairs, balls), but they do work with very small objects, like electrons or photons (particles of light).

In our lab you will make such experiment with photons. On the way you will also figure out how to distinguish indistinguishable photons, and you will learn how these basic experiments make a technology of tomorrow.


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Tirsdag d. 14. november

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Åbnes 11. oktober på

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  • Physics

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DTU Fotonik, Institut for Fotonik.

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
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Charlotte Drusebjerg
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DTU Fotonik
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