17th Nordic Corrosion Congress

This is the 1st announcement and call for abstracts for the 17th Nordic Corrosion Congress, which is a recognized event to present and discuss the newest developments and knowledge within the field of corrosion.

The Congress seeks to combine scientific knowledge, industrial experiences and innovating developments to solve the corrosion problems of today and tomorrow. The topics of the congress illustrate that corrosion is a challenge in many different technological areas.

If you would like to present a topic that is within the following topics, please send an abstract in English to semapp@atv-semapp.dk before October 15th 2017.

• Monitoring and testing for research and industrial control
• Concrete and steel constructions – corrosion and protective strategies
• Degradation of non-metallic materials
• Durable materials in aggressive environments (chemical industry, HTHP)
• Environmental and health consequences of corrosion
• Corrosion protection of marine constructions (coatings, offshore wind turbines)
• Advanced analysis techniques for corrosion investigations
• Water and building installations (atmospheric corrosion, metal release, materials selection)
• Corrosion and reliability of electronics and micromechanics (testing, failure analysis, corrosion prevention)
• Corrosion in the energy sector
• Corrosion properties of advanced materials, surface coatings and new manufacturing techniques

See program and more information here


ons 23 maj 18 13:00 -
fre 25 maj 18 16:00


DTU Mekanik



Technical University of Denmark

Building 101

DK-2800 Lyngby