Michael Kai Petersen

Michael Kai Petersen


Institut for Matematik og Computer Science

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

Richard Petersens Plads

Bygning 321, rum 128

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Fax 45 87 25 99
E-mail mkai@dtu.dk

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Nøgleord User Experience Engineering | Natural Language Processing | Cognitive Neuroscience

Michael Kai Petersen (b.1957) has 30 years of experience within digital media engineering and has since 2004 been associated with the DTU Technical University of Denmark where he received his PhD degree in 2010 and was subsequently appointed Assistant Professor in Cognitive Systems and Head of Studies for the Digital Media Engineering MSc program at DTU Compute.

Research is focused on combining natural language processing elements of embodied semantics with cognitive neuroscience to model how we perceive actions and emotions - an approach that might be used as a basis to develop new types of brain machine interfaces as exemplified by he DTU "Smartphone Brain Scannner" and HTF Advanced Technology Foundation "Eye Control of Smartphones" projects.

Combining a technical and creative background, he holds a M.Mic master degree in Mobile Internet Communication from DTU Photonics 2004, while previously having been trained in digital sound engineering and working as a producer in DR Danish Broadcasting Corporation and SteepleChase 1980-1993, after graduating from the soloist class of the Royal Danish Academy of Music in 1982. As an entrepreneur he has founded three high tech start-up companies over the period 1993-2003, and has produced 100 plus CD albums for labels including Chandos and Naxos.