PhD summer school Micro and Nano Sensors

PhD summer school: Micro and Nano Sensors

Micro- and nano sensors are emerging as promising techniques in for example diagnostics and environmental control. However, it is sometimes complicated to understand the limitations and possibilities of the individual technologies both in terms of realization and applications.

The aim of this summer school is to give you an overview of the state of the art micro and nano sensors such as cantilever-like sensors, nano-wire based sensors, electrochemical sensors and surface enhanced Raman scattering based sensors, and to give you hands-on experience in sensor fabrication, surface functionalization and sensor applications. We will also have invited talks from industry – to learn about recent industrial sensor development and to hear about life as an industry scientist.

The experimental work is performed in teams.

Come and join us in this challenging endeavor!

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Danmarks Grundforskningsfond, IDUN, Villum Fonden


man 14 aug 17 9:00 -
fre 25 aug 17 15:00


DTU Nanotech