Oscillations and standing waves in optics

Foredraget foregår på engelsk! What is light? Sometimes it is described as rays, sometimes as waves, and also as particles (photons). Whatever it is, most information from your smartphone comes to you via light, light in optical fibers transport the information in the internet, and LED¿s and lasers are light sources with many applications. At DTU Fotonik our research seeks to understand the nature of light and all the ways in which we can control and use light. In this lecture we zoom in on the waviness of light, and some key experiments that show its wave nature. There are similarities with sound waves, for example both of them can show interference. Typical wavelengths and energy of visible light are presented, and their relation. Waves that reflect can interfere with themselves and produce standing waves in optics. We will also look at surface waves, a special kind of light wave that only lives at the surface of a metal. These surface waves can also form standing-wave patterns. Finally, we will see from experiments that light is a special type of wave with a polarization direction.

Praktiske oplysninger


Foredraget afholdes på DTU Fotonik, Lyngby Campus


The students must have a sound interest in physics. Furthermore, it is advantageous if the students have encountered basic principles light waves such as wavelength, interference, energy, and propagation velocity.

Udbydes i perioden:

1/9 - 30/6


1 - 1 ½ time

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Mandage, tirsdage, onsdage, torsdage og fredage


Martijn Wubs
E-mail: mwubs@fotonik.dtu.dk
Institut: Institut for Fotonik
Telefon: 45256374


Charlotte Drusebjerg
E-mail: chdr@fotonik.dtu.dk
Institut: Institut for Fotonik
Telefon: 45256363


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