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Stilling Sted Frist
PhD scholarship in Characterization of carbon for improved life cycle assessment of end-of-life plastics DTU Sustain 03 juli 2022
PhD in T Cell Immunoinformatics DTU Sundhedsteknologi 06 juli 2022
PhD position: Machine Learning Crystal Defects for Quantum Technology DTU Fysik 07 juli 2022
PhD Scholarship in Gravimetry from Aircraft and Drones DTU Space 07 juli 2022
PhD scholarship in testing lifetime of solid oxide electrolysis cells DTU Energi 08 juli 2022
PhD Scholarships in Mathematical Modelling, Simulation, Control and Optimization (Advanced Process Control and Model Predictive Control) for the Electrification of Industrial Processes using Renewable Energy Sources DTU Compute 08 juli 2022
PhD scholarship in Health Impact of Sustainable Diets DTU Fødevareinstituttet 10 juli 2022
PhD scholarship in Bacterial biofilm formation on pro-bacterial surfaces DTU Bioengineering 15 juli 2022
PhD scholarship - Pricing mechanisms for grid integration of EV public charging infrastructure DTU Wind 15 juli 2022
PhD scholarship in the characterization of fatigue damage processes at various length scales DTU Sustain 15 juli 2022
PhD Scholarships Wind Turbine Design DTU Wind 17 juli 2022
PhD scholarship in Supercontinuum Laser Spectroscopy DTU Electro 18 juli 2022
PhD position in piezoelectric ceramics design and characterization DTU Energi 20 juli 2022
PhD studentship in Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology DTU Kemi 29 juli 2022
PhD/Postdoctoral scholarship in Nanoimaging and Epitaxial Growth of III-V / Si Nanostructures for Extreme Dielectric Confinement of Light DTU Electro 30 juli 2022