Anne Ladegaard Skov


Anne Ladegaard Skov

Institut for Kemiteknik


Søltofts Plads

Bygning 227 Rum 122

2800 Kgs. Lyngby





Anne Ladegaard Skov is a professor of polymer science and engineering specialising in design and utilization of silicone elastomers in the Danish Polymer Centre at Department of Chemical Engineering, DTU. She has received multiple prizes for her work on elastomers, such as Elastyrenprisen and the Statoil Award. Functionalisation and formulation of silicone elastomers with focus on silicone elastomers used and optimised for dielectric elastomers and more recently for flexible electronics and drug delivery are the core of her research. She has published 130 publications and holds multiple patents on elastomers that are currently developed commercially by international and national companies.