Steen Leleur

Professor emeritus

Steen Leleur

Institut for Teknologi, Ledelse og Økonomi

Sektion for Operations & Supply Chain Management


Bygning 358 Rum 032

2800 Kgs. Lyngby





Steen Leleur is professor of decision support systems and planning at the Technical University of Denmark, Department of Management Engineering. He is an experienced transport planner, who has participated in numerous activities especially in the fields of national and international strategic transport planning and transport investment appraisal. Steen Leleur has worked out several textbooks such as “Road Infrastructure Planning - A Decision Oriented Approach” published in 2000 by Polyteknisk, Second Edition, and “Complex Strategic Choices – Applying Systemic Planning for Strategic Decision Making”, published in 2012 by Springer. His most recent research concerns uncertainty of appraisal methodology and the formulation of comprehensive assessment frameworks for sustainable transport development.