Ole Bang

Professor, Gruppeleder

Ole Bang

Institut for Elektroteknologi og Fotonik

Fiber Sensors and Supercontinuum

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Ole Bang


Applications of supercontinuum light sources for early cancer detection, food analysis, and misile defence Fiber sensors Mid-infrared fiber optics Solitons and nonlinear effects Tapered photonic crystal fibers Terahertz photonic crystal fibers and couplers Fiber Bragg Gratings Microstructured polymer optical fibers Numerical modelling of nonlinear pulse propagation Fiber-optical biosensors Soft-glass fibers Supercontinuum broad band light sources

Ole bang is in charge of research into supercontinuum broadband light sources, fiber-optical biosensors and fabrication of microstructured Polymer Optical Fibers (mPOFs). He is an expert in nonlinear optics and nonlinear dynamics in general and teaches in Applied Mathematics, Numerical Photonics, Optics & Photonics, and Biophotonics. Ole Bang’s industrial contacts include primarily Koheras A/S and Crystal Fibre A/S in Birkerød, as well as Bioneer A/S in Hørsholm.