Christian Thuesen

Christian Thuesen


Institut for Teknologi, Ledelse og Økonomi

Sektion for Engineering Systems Design
Division for Innovation

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet


Bygning 358, rum 196

2800 Lyngby


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Nøgleord Byggeledelse | Projektledelse

I have been working with projects for more than 15 years as teacher, researcher, and consultant in various engineering settings, including construction and IT. This has sparked my fundamental research interest in the role of projects as vehicle for societal change in engineering work including construction, sustainable development, humanitarian work, innovation, learning and digitalization but also more broadly in today’s society - as a human condition (Rasmussen et al 2016).

With the offset in the built environment most of my research focus is on the practices of project organizing, often combined with critical and alternative perspectives on projects such as Innovation and Organizational Learning (e.g. Thuesen 2006, Thuesen & Koch 2011), and Industrialization, Platform thinking, and Mass-customization (e.g. Thuesen & Hvam 2011 & Thuesen 2012) and Sustainability (e.g Thuesen et al 2016, Thuesen & Geraldi 2017) . My current research interest concerns linking management of projects, programs, and portfolios with societal challenges such as climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals .

I teach project and construction management at all academic levels from bachelor programs to PhD courses and is further involved in various executive programs at DTU Business. For more information on our courses and teaching resources check out our ProjectLab website:


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