Building 119A

Building 119A will house the new Villum Centre for Advanced Structural and Material Testing.

The building is a test centre which brings together construction and materials research at the three university departments DTU Civil Engineering, DTU Mechanical Engineering, and DTU Wind Energy. The centre is being established as an extension to the existing ‘Structural Lab’ in Building 119. 

The project comprises a new 420 m2 hall in continuation of the existing hall, and which contains new vertical and horizontal clamping plates, the establishment of several technical facilities—a new substation, a new hydraulics facility, and a new refrigeration system—as well as a number of small structural changes to the existing Building 119. 

The Villum Center for Advanced Structural and Material Testing focuses on fundamental mechanical research and the development of sustainable materials which at the end of the day will make constructions cheaper and more eco-friendly. Together with the existing test facilities at DTU Civil Engineering, the new facilities will make the Villum Centre one of the world’s leading facilities for experimental multi-scale research within building construction and materials.  

The Villum Centre is being established through a partnership between three DTU departments: DTU Civil Engineering, DTU Mechanical Engineering, and DTU Wind Energy. The Villum Centre has received a very generous grant from the Villum Foundation for purchasing equipment, and DTU is supporting the project with building funds.  

The Villum Centre will have facilities at both the Lyngby and Risø campuses.


  • Area: 650 m2, of which 420 m2 for the new hall, 120 m2 for the new substation, and 110 m2 for the new hydraulics facility 
  • Budget: DKK 26 million. The Villum Foundation is also funding new equipment and new clamping plates 
  • Construction period: November 2015–March 2016 
  • Architects: Juul l Frost  
  • Engineers: Alectia A/S 
  • Contractor: The call for tenders will take place in September–October 2015 


Karin Schou
Head of Section
+45 23 81 13 50