Building 225

The new building 225 for DTU Systems Biology will house ultra-modern laboratories for protein research. The building also links existing buildings 223 and 224. Building 224 is also being renovated and made more energy efficient.

Building 225 aims to create the right conditions for research, innovation and knowledge sharing in the department, but will also serve as a window into the department's activities—internally at DTU, and externally for collaboration partners in Denmark and abroad.

The building design reflects DTU Systems Biology's desire to create transparency between research work inside the building and the outside world, with a building that functions as a living showroom. The ground floor laboratories have large floor-to-ceiling windows, providing clear views from both inside and outside the building of researchers, machines and robots at work. A three-storey foyer with interior balconies creates human flow between floors and easy access to the laboratories. The building exterior wall and large roof section housing technical systems are clad with naturally anodised aluminium, giving the building a bright and airy look.

Like all DTU's new laboratories, the laboratory building is geared to future changes and the demands future research will place on laboratory organisation. Technical zones are located in the centre of the building, making it easy to move installations and change the size of the laboratories.

DTU Systems Biology is located in the northern part of the second quadrant, adjacent to Søltoft Plads and the large park area to the north. Systems Biology forms part of the continuous chain of squares and paths that connect the many new buildings for the Life Sciences research and teaching disciplines in the second quadrant.

About Systems Biology:
DTU Systems Biology focuses on areas such as cellular systems, bacteria systems, protein networks, and multi-factorial diseases, and integrates biology with subjects such as chemistry, mathematics, and computer science in research and education.


  • Client: DTU 
  • User: Department of Systems Biology 
  • Budget: DKK 60 million 
  • Construction period: 2015-2016 
  • Turnkey consultant: MOE Rådgivende Ingeniører 
  • Architect: Mikkelsen Arkitekter (225) and Aarhus Arkitekterne (224) 
  • Landscape architect: Schul landskabsarkitekter


Lisbet Sand
Project Manager
+45 21 79 86 84