Building 303A

New auditoriums to give students an inspiring and interactive start at DTU.

With six auditoriums and three databars, Building 303A is the biggest auditorium building at DTU Lyngby Campus. However, like most other auditorium buildings, the auditoriums here are virtually unchanged from when they were built. The renovation is part of DTU’s overall strategy, which will see all the auditoriums being modernized and renovated between now and 2021.  

303 plays a central role for the many new students at DTU, as this is where many of the freshers are taught. The purpose of the renovation of the many square metres is therefore very much to support an active start at university—both academically and socially.  

It is vital that areas are created for lively and inspiring study environments in the building’s communal areas with space for group work, informal study places and lounge-like zones. The work will also result in greater transparency both inside the building and vis-à-vis its surroundings. In future, it will be possible to look through double glass doors into the auditoriums from the foyer areas and get a sense of the teaching that is going on. Likewise, the building will be opened up towards the outdoor areas from the auditoriums and databars with new glass sections in the façades, providing views of the green campus outside while allowing passers-by to see student life within.  

The teaching environments are organized to ensure considerable flexibility between traditional teaching activities and group work. Together, this will help boost the performance of lecturers and students alike, while enabling them to make the most new learning methods.  

The upgrading of the indoor climate, lighting and acoustics is an important part of the auditorium renovation project. A new ventilation system will supply clean air at the correct temperature and in the right volumes. All existing lighting is being replaced with a new lighting concept, which will strengthen the study environments through specially adapted light intensities and lighting scenarios to create well-lit and atmospheric rooms. The renovation project will also improve the acoustics to support teaching which is more dialogue-based than the present format which largely takes the form of a monologue from the lectern.


  • Construction period: 2015-2016 
  • Area: 3,285 m2  
  • Budget: approx. DKK 80 million  
  • Consultant: Rørbæk & Møller Arkitekter ApS  
  • Engineers: Alectia



Lars Robert Kruse
Project Manager
+45 45 25 13 01