Vacant positions

Title Unit Deadline
PhD scholarship in Implementation of Digital Twins for Heat Pump Systems for District Heating DTU Mechanical Eng 03 JUN 20
Student Helper to development software DTU Chemical Eng. 03 JUN 20
PhD scholarship in dispersal and selection of antimicrobial resistance DTU Food 04 JUN 20
Student Assistant with experience in Information Science DTU Management 05 JUN 20
PhD scholarship in Market Design and Sector Coupling for Multi-Carrier Integrated Energy Systems DTU Electrical Eng 05 JUN 20
Postdoc position in Advanced Antibody Discovery Technologies DTU Bioengineering 07 JUN 20
PhD Scholarships in Cavity Quantum Optomechanics DTU Physics 07 JUN 20
Postdoc in Hight-throughput Prospecting and Characterization of Novel Microbial Cell Factories DTU Bioengineering 08 JUN 20
Scientific Applications Engineer IT Service 08 JUN 20
PhD scholarship in mesoscale modelling large wind farms DTU Wind Energy 08 JUN 20
Laboratory Technician for new GMO lab Office for Research Consultancy and Innovation (AFRI) 08 JUN 20
Postdoc in Advanced Analysis of Dark-Field X-Ray Microscopy Data DTU Physics 08 JUN 20
Studentermedhjælper (Eduforce underviser) DTU Bioengineering 09 JUN 20
PhD scholarship in Method Development for Assessing Performances Towards UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) DTU Management 09 JUN 20
PhD scholarship in Modelling and Optimization of Energy Entrainment in Large offshore wind farms DTU Wind Energy 10 JUN 20