Vacant positions

Title Unit Deadline
Two PhD scholarships in Plasma-assisted catalytic conversions to value added chemicals DTU Chemical Eng. 03 MAR 21
DTU Tenure Track Researcher in Marine Fish Ecology and Management DTU Aqua 05 MAR 21
DTU Tenure Track Researcher in Aligned Digital Design and Manufacturing DTU Mechanical Eng 06 MAR 21
Postdoc in Electrochemical Sensing of SOx Emissions DTU Energy 07 MAR 21
Postdoc in Performance Characterization of Solid Oxide Electrochemical Cells DTU Energy 07 MAR 21
PhD scholarship in Entanglement Swapping over Long Distances using SiPh-Circuitry DTU Fotonik 07 MAR 21
PhD scholarship in Wind Turbine Sound Controversies DTU Wind Energy 08 MAR 21
Senior Project Officer DTU Chemical Eng. 08 MAR 21
Postdoc positions in Computational Strain Design Center for Biosustainability 08 MAR 21
Student Assistant DTU Health Tech 08 MAR 21
PhD position within the field of Bioreaction Engineering, focused on the Development of Novel Cell-Free Bioconversions DTU Chemical Eng. 09 MAR 21
System Administrators for Supercomputing Center DTU Digital Forskningsinfrastruktur 09 MAR 21
Postdoc in Probabilistic Design and Reliability Assessment DTU Wind Energy 10 MAR 21
Student Assistants – UNEP DTU Partnership (UDP) DTU Management 10 MAR 21
2 Postdoc positions in Materials and Process development for Powder-Based Metal Additive Manufacturing DTU Mechanical Eng 12 MAR 21