Vacant positions

Title Unit Deadline
Postdoc with focus on Computational Strain Designer Center for Biosustainability 29 NOV 21
Postdoc in Operando Electron Microscopy of Single Nanoparticle Catalysis DTU Physics 30 NOV 21
Postdoc in Magnetic Resonance with Nitrogen-Vacancy Diamonds DTU Health Tech 30 NOV 21
Postdoc in Optimal Control and Energy Management for Compact Thermal Storage Systems towards Optimal use of Cross-Sectoral Flexibility DTU Electrical Eng 01 DEC 21
Postdoc in Bacterial Community Engineering Center for Biosustainability 01 DEC 21
Postdoc in metabolic engineering and omics analysis Center for Biosustainability 01 DEC 21
Postdoc in Protein Engineering and Enzyme Kinetics Center for Biosustainability 01 DEC 21
Postdoc in Computational Population Genetics DTU Health Tech 01 DEC 21
Postdoc in Electrolyte Thermodynamics for Biotechnology Applications DTU Chemical Eng. 06 DEC 21
Postdoc in Super Resolution Ultrasound Imaging DTU Health Tech 08 DEC 21
Postdoc in X-ray Imaging of Plant Microstructures DTU Physics 12 DEC 21
Post-doc in the Design and Fabrication of Metasurfaces for Next Generation Light Detectors DTU Fotonik 12 DEC 21
Postdoc in metabolic engineering of bacteria for carbon fixation via biomineralization Center for Biosustainability 15 DEC 21
Postdoctoral position in Planetary Climate Modelling DTU Space 15 DEC 21
Postdoc in Social Neuroscience DTU Compute 17 DEC 21
Postdoc in Dymola Modelling for Establishing a Software-in-the-Loop Platform DTU Compute 19 DEC 21
Postdoc in Photoacoustic Imaging of Microplastics DTU Fotonik 30 DEC 21
Postdoc in cancer immunotherapy Center for Biosustainability 31 DEC 21
Postdoc in Optimization for Data Science DTU Compute 02 JAN 22
Postdoc in Quantum Feed-Forward and Resource-Efficient Reconfigurable Boson Sampling with Integrated Photonics DTU Fotonik 07 JAN 22
Postdoc in Environmental Microbiology DTU Environment 10 JAN 22