Vacant positions

Title Unit Deadline
PhD scholarship in Micro/Nanomaterials Reinforcement in Cementitious Matrix for 3D Printed Construction DTU Mechanical Eng 20 SEP 21
PhD scholarship in Experimental Investigation of Turbulent Gaseous Jets in Two-stroke Marine Engines DTU Mechanical Eng 20 SEP 21
PhD Scholarship in Chemical Biology DTU Chemistry 20 SEP 21
Associate Professor in Single-cell Genomics and Stem cell Biology DTU Bioengineering 22 SEP 21
PhD scholarships on Fabrication and Nanoelectromechanical Control of Photonic Nanocavities DTU Fotonik 22 SEP 21
Postdoc in Evolutionary optimization of microbial strains for plant protection DTU Bioengineering 23 SEP 21
Junior System Administrator IT Service 24 SEP 21
PhD scholarship in Diversity and Evolution of bacterial Biosynthetic Gene Clusters at the Center for Microbial Secondary Metabolites, CeMiSt DTU Bioengineering 24 SEP 21
DTU Tenure Track Researcher in Yeast Synthetic Biology Center for Biosustainability 24 SEP 21
Postdoc in Immunoinformatic Methods for Prediction of T Cell Receptor Specificity DTU Health Tech 24 SEP 21
Postdoc in Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Neuronal Currents DTU Health Tech 25 SEP 21
Postdoc in Remote Attestation of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) DTU Compute 26 SEP 21
Compliance koordinator til stort forskningscenter Center for Biosustainability 26 SEP 21
Postdocs (2) with Biocatalysis Expertise DTU Chemical Eng. 27 SEP 21
Associate Professors (team leads) in Engineering Technology DTU Engineering Technology 27 SEP 21