Vacant positions

Title Unit Deadline
Academic Coordinator Center for Biosustainability 27 MAY 20
Postdoc in Metabolic Engineering and Fermentation Center for Biosustainability 28 MAY 20
Senior Researcher (co-principle investigator) in Bacterial Synthetic Biology Center for Biosustainability 31 MAY 20
IT Manager Centre for Oil and Gas - DTU 10 JUN 20
PhD scholarship on water quality in recirculating aquaculture systems and its relationship with feed composition DTU Aqua 15 JUN 20
PhD scholarship in Biological Oceanography DTU Aqua 30 JUN 20
PhD Scholarships in Gelatinous Zooplankton Ecology and Evolution DTU Aqua 15 JUN 20
PhD scholarship in Effects of acute and chronic hydrogen sulphide exposure on the metabolism, welfare and production performance of Atlantic salmon in aquaculture DTU Aqua 01 JUN 20
Postdoc position in Advanced Antibody Discovery Technologies DTU Bioengineering 07 JUN 20
PhD scholarship in Learning Design for Agile Computational Tools in Systems Engineering Education DTU Chemical Eng. 31 MAY 20
PhD scholarship in Electroscrubbing for Biogas Cleaning; Experiments and Model Construction DTU Chemical Eng. 14 JUN 20
Student Helper to development software DTU Chemical Eng. 03 JUN 20
PhD project: Integration of water pit heat storages in energy systems DTU Civil Eng 27 MAY 20
PhD scholarship in Extracting Essential Data and Making Inference from Big Data DTU Compute 01 JUN 20
PhD Position in Data Analytics in Production DTU Compute 01 JUN 20