Press room

Press room

This site gives you several options for accessing news from DTU: you can for example peruse a selection of translated articles from Dynamo, DTU's quarterly magazine in Danish, or from DTUavisen, DTU's monthly newspaper. You can access the complete news site or calendar, or you can read extracts from the latest PhD theses and get an overview of the dignitaries and delegations that have recently visited the University.


For press related inquiries, please write to
Photo: DTU

Watch DTU videos and find a selection og high-resolution images of the University. Here you are able to download press photos and
DTU's logo. 

Photo: Kaare Smith

There are so many interesting people at DTU - allow us to introduce you to some of them and read about their lives on Lyngby Campus.

Read more about our design guide and find DTU's logo for print and download.
Photo: Bax Lindhardt
Read some interesting portraits about some amazing people, who have all been featured with portraits in the university newspaper,