Picture of glasier in the arctic. Article from DYNAMO no 64

Hotspot Arctic

It's getting hotter and hotter in the Arctic ... Not only on the thermometer, but also in figurative sense.

Great powers such as the United States, Russia and China increasingly focus their focus - and activities - towards this region. Because in step with climate change and the retreat of the ice, it has emerged opportunities for new shipping routes, extraction of natural resources both on land and at sea and others economic activity such as fishing. It has given the area of strategic and economic importance for these great nations, but also for the kingdom Denmark in our capacity as a small Arctic state.

The canary in the coal mine

The interest in the Arctic is not only due to the derivatives the effects of climate change, but to a large extent also climate change itself. Some call Arctic for the canary in the coal mine; it is in them Arctic regions where climate change is coming strongest in expression, i.a. with acceleration melting of the ice both on land and at sea.

DTU in the Arctic

For several decades, DTU has had research and advisory activities in the Arctic regions. As it the only Danish university has DTU since 2000 had a framework agreement with the Greenlandic self-government about the diploma engineering program Arctic Construction and infrastructure in Sisimiut. The page has arrived more educations to.