The DTU Gold Medal

The DTU Gold Medal

The DTU Gold Medal is presented as an honorary award to people who have made a particularly notable effort for DTU and the work of the University. DTU awarded the first Gold Medal in 1997.


Dr. Wolfgang Herrmann

This year, the DTU Gold Medal will be awarded to Dr. Wolfgang Herrmann.

Dr. Hermann was rector of the Technische Universität München, TUM, in the years 1995-2019. As Rector of TUM, Dr. Hermann is a key figure in the formation of the Eurotech Universities Alliance, a strategic and visionary alliance of leading European technical universities and in the establishment of the Alliance's joint representation in Brussels.

Over the years, Hermann has played a crucial role in the development of the alliance. Today, the EuroTech Alliance is an efficient, enterprising and leading alliance that is listened to in the European Commission.

The close and well-founded collaboration between DTU and TUM within research, education and innovation is largely due to Dr. Hermann's personal commitment.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic it is unfortunately not possible for Dr. Hermann to attend DTU Commemoration. We look forward to presenting the DTU Gold Medal in person to Dr. Hermann at DTU in the near future.


Professor Emeritus Knut Conradsen

Knut Conradsen

DTU's Gold Medal was awarded to Professor Knut Conradsen, DTU Compute, for an exceptionally great effort through a very exceptionally long period of almost 40 years in the top management teams at DTU. Knut Conradsen is a candidate in statistics and probability theory from the University of Copenhagen and immediately after graduation in 1966 was employed at the Technical College of Denmark. He was elected to the Consistory for several periods during the following 20 years. In 1992 he was appointed professor, and from 1995 he was DTU's Vice-Principal for 15 years.

As pro-rector, he was central to the transition of DTU to an independent and self-governing institution, which was geared to raise competition funds to a much greater extent. A change that has been crucial to the fact that DTU is today an international technical elite university. He also played a key role in DTU's merger with six sector research institutes and national laboratories in 2007. His legendary work ability made him an unrivaled overview of DTU - both research, teaching and buildings.

Knut Conradsen has been teaching statistics since his first employment. 1000 of engineering students have followed his popular lectures at DTU. At DTU, he began the research in statistical image analysis. He has had longer stays at Stanford University and Cambridge University. Today, the research group he started includes 50 researchers. The group's research has been translated into many uses and has formed the basis for more than 20 companies.


Chairman Lars Kann-Rasmussen

Lars Kann-Rasmussen

Lars Kann-Rasmussen has for a number of years, through his work in the Velux Funds, played a decisive role for the Fund's line in its donations. "Villum Kann Rasmussen's Annual Scholarship for Technical and Natural Sciences" contributes to influencing the public's attitude to engineering and science, and the prestigious award is an inspiration to the many award winners.

Talented research groups have been supported over the years through “VKR Centers of Excellence”, grants of double-digit million amounts of the same amount as, for example, the state basic research centers. DTU has benefited from support for the environmental center, experimental halls for chemical engineering research, for the "Center for Advanced Structural and Material Testing" and a preliminary culmination is the large grant for the "Villum Center for Science of Sustainable Fuels and Chemicals". The support is crucial to the fact that DTU has been able to maintain an elite level within its research areas very broadly.

Talent care is among other things conducted through the Villum Foundation's "Young Investigator Program", and a post doc program. Emphasis should also be placed on the support of college building at DTU and in Sisimiut, which benefits the youngest generation of potential engineers, researchers and developers.


Hans Peter Jensen, former President of DTU

Hans Peter JensenHans Peter Jensen was president from 1986 – 2001 and was the instigator behind major projects and processes aimed at modernizing the University and its activities.

During these years, DTU’s management helped develop the special DTU Act which was adopted by the Danish parliament at the end of 2000. The Act established the basis which has been a precondition for DTU's continued modernization process, and it was the basis for the subsequent Danish University Act which came to include all Danish universities.




Lars Pallesen, former President of DTU

Lars Pallesen and President Anders O. BjarklevLars Pallesen was president of DTU from 2001–2011. It was a period that also served as a launch pad for DTU’s development into the University as we know it today.

When he took over the position of President in 2001, Lars Pallesen’s task was relatively clear and simple: ‘All’ he had to do was deal with all the dead wood and make the most of the magnificent research environments and the potential that clearly existed. He was tasked with increasing student enrolments, establishing a robust and financially well-founded university, and renovating the campus. Finally, he was to expand and develop the University within the framework laid down by the new DTU Act.

Lars Pallesen succeeded in all these aims to a rare degree.



Professor Nam Pyo Suh, KAIST

Professor Nam Pyo Suh. For the first time ever, the DTU Gold Medal was presented to a non-Dane, Professor Nam Pyo Suh, who is President of KAIST (Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology).

Professor Nam Pyo Suh has a long and impressive record of accomplishments in the field of engineering. Before his appointment as president of South Korea's leading technical university, he enjoyed a distinguished career in both research and education at, among other places, MIT in the USA. Furthermore, he has played a key role in providing advice on technical matters and issues to organizations such as the World Bank and the UN, as well as universities and companies all over the world.

His work in the fields of natural sciences, technical sciences, and leadership are also perfectly in line with DTU's mission to develop and create value using the technical and natural sciences to benefit society.

Professor Nam Pyo Suh was awarded the DTU Gold Medal for being a 'global leader, a global scientist, and a friend of DTU, as President Lars Pallesen put it


Mogens Bundgaard-Nielsen, former Chairmann of the DTU Board of Govenors

Mogens Bundgaard_NielsenMogens Bundgaard-Nielsen is a model example of a polytechnician in the sense that was employed when DTU was founded, and to which Mogens Bundgaard-Nielsen himself has helped give fresh impetus. Someone who has used his engineering skills to apply his knowledge in various sectors, ranging from teaching and research at DTU and Texas A&M through a top management position in the central administration to management director of the Great Belt Fixed Link, one of Denmark's major infrastructure projects—well, probably the largest construction project in Danish history. All with the purpose of 'benefitting society.

Throughout the last more than 20 years, he has made his experience and competence available in many areas of society—including various committees and boards of directors—and has served as President of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences, for example, and has served for eight years as Chairman of the DTU Board of Governors—a period during which the University was finding its feet as an idenpendent and professionally mangaged university.




Director Kaj Juul-Pedersen

guldmedalje_2007_gifDirector Kaj Juul-Pedersen is a model example of an engineer who sees the potential of an emerging technology at the earliest stage and follows it through a wide range of activities, including research and development, marketing, management, and senior management in major companies.

Kaj Juul-Pedersen has also put his efforts into the work of the Confederation of Danish Industry, and DTU has always been able to draw on his expertise, partly as Chairman of DTU Fotonik—a major challenge that he took on when the centre was established—and today as Advisory Board member of DTU Fotonik and member of DTU's Board of Representatives. Furthermore, he has made extensive efforts as external examiner in the field of telecoms technology.





Director Johan Schrøder

guldmedalje_2005_jpgFor many years, Johan Schrøder has been a shining example of an engineer with polytechnical expertise which he has successfully deployed in many areas of Danish society.

Johan Schrøder's merits range from early teaching and research at DTU to management of Radiometer, a research-intensive engineering workplace with major international activities. He has held board membership and chairmanship positions in several companies, commissions, and councils as well as in various non-governmental organizations
—not least as Chairman of the Confederation of Danish Industry.

Johan Schrøder's combined efforts in the field of polytechnics in Danish society are impressive.




Professor Niels Jørgen Gimsing

Professor Niels Jørgen Gimsing, DTU Civil Engineering, is awarded the DTU Gold Medal for his unique work as a national and international expert in the construction of bridges. While still a student, he won first prize in the US Steel international bridge competition in 1959, and the winning bridge type was built in a number of places in the USA. Since then, through his numerous outreach activities, Niels Jørgen Gimsing has represented Danish bridge construction and DTU in the best possible manner.

Niels Jørgen Gimsing was employed as associate professor at the Engineering Academy of Denmark in 1962, becoming a professor in 1968, and in 1976 he became a professor in steel structures at DTU. He is an exceptionally skilled teacher, capable of communicating his material in an interesting and engaging way at a high academic level.
as prize winner in a number of competitions.



Director Jens Rostrup-Nielsen

jens_rostrup_nielsen_jpgJens Rostrup-Nielsen, director, BSc in Engineering, MSc in Engineering, Dr.techn., has played a major role in the public debate on research and education, in which context he has held a number of positions of trust. Jens Rostrup-Nielsen has thus served as both Chairman of the (former) Research Planning Council and as President of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences. DTU wishes to honour Jens Rostrup-Nielsen for his great contribution to shaping DTU into what we are today: a business-oriented, self-governing university.
With the introduction of the 1993 Danish University Act, two external members joined DTU's Senate (konsistorium), the first two at DTU being Mogens Bundgaard-Nielsen and Jens Rostrup-Nielsen. Both contributed actively to relaunching the debate in the Senate, but especially Jens Rostrup-Nielsen, in his own special way, changed the Senate's focus from academic self- and detail-oriented discussions to strategic discussions and assessments of how DTU should act in response to both political and business-oriented dimensions.




Director Erik B. Rasmussen

erik r_nyt1_jpgQuote from the acceptance speech for Director Erik B. Rasmussen.

"Director Erik B. Rasmussen was born in 1929 and can now look back on a professional career that spans 40 years. Erik B. Rasmussen holds an MSc in Engineering and for many years, he has been part of the management of the Danish business sector—through directorships, board duties, and his work in the Confederation of Danish Industry, the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences, and on the DTU Board of Governors.”

The motivation for awarding the DTU Gold Medal is his broad commitment to research and education at DTU for so many years, and to honour his contribution to establishing DTU Nanotech and the MMT programme—at a time when it was still unclear to most people why it was so important to offer engineers a management programme building on their technological know-how.



Director Curt Sander

Curt Sander, director, engineer, and industrial researcher has put a lot of effort and enthusiasm into the development of the areas microelectronics and micromechanics at DTU.

In connection with the establishment of the Microelectronics Centre, Curt Sander was a member of the initial working group and continued as Chairman of the Board during the most difficult development period with respect to both the physical establishment and finding staff.

Therefore, DTU wants to present Curt Sander with the first Gold Medal for extensive and credible work for DTU.


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