Photo: Thorkild Amdi Christensen

Lecturers of the Year

It takes world-class lecturers to train world-class engineers. 

Every year, the students vote for their favourite professors and crown the Lecturers of the Year in the BEng and BSc/MSc categories.

The award celebrates DTU lecturers and honours them for showing great commitment to the teaching, for their ability to encourage the students to play an active part in their education, and for their capacity to communicate difficult material in an inviting and readily comprehensible manner.

Watch the videos below to see the lecturers in action. Please note that all videos have English subtitles, and that you might want to open them in Crome, Safari or Firefox to be able to see the subtitles.


Jakob Munkholt Christensen - DTU Mechanical Engineering

According to the students, Jakob is a fantastic communicator, extremely pedagogical, and makes a point of ensuring that the students can follow what he says.

Henrik Lehrmann Christensen - DTU Fotonik

The students say of Henrik Lehrmann Christensen, that he is always committed and very well-prepared.
He is always cheerful—and then a little bit of cake ‘makes the medicine go down’


2014 marked the 25th anniversary of the award, and this year no fewer than 70 lecturers were nominated.

Ole Christensen - DTU Compute

The students say that Ole is a master of breaking down theoretic models and analyses to make them palatable and accessible to the students.

Peder Klit - DTU Mechanical Engineering

According to the students, Peder is always in a good mood, positive, and welcoming. He takes the time to talk to the students and is always ready to help.