Consultancy and advisory services

DTU’s researchers are all experts within one or more special high-tech areas and/or the innovation processes that are to be completed in order to ensure high-tech development. The majority of the researchers’ working hours are spent conducting cutting-edge research within their field at an international level and teaching DTU’s students the newest technology and knowledge within their field.

You, your company or industry can also have a share in this knowledge. There are many ways to do this. You could e.g. pay DTU’s employees to carry out an assignment or to analyse a specific problem, such as trial, development and testing of products etc. Thus, it is only the imagination and the rules concerning external activities of public-sector employees that set limitations in this respect.

Another way of getting a share in this knowledge could be by entering into an actual research collaboration which will benefit your business as well as DTU.

So if you have a specific technological problem or would like insight into the newest knowledge within a specific field, please contact DTU; we may very well be able to assist you in the process.

If you have already identified the area of technology within which you could benefit from establishing a working relationship with DTU, please contact the relevant department/researcher.

You are also very welcome to contact the Office for Innovation and Sector Services which will also be able to provide you with more information on the possibilities and guidelines for working together with DTU.



Jan Eiersted Molzen
Head of DTU Partnerships
+45 45 25 71 27